Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to: Make Vintage Clothes Current

Posted by Tara

Today I am sharing some great tips for those who love to thrift shop for clothes, have a love for vintage styles, or just have some amazing hand-me-downs.

I was recently given some vintage clothing from my Great Grandmother who is turning 90 in August. She is the sweetest lady you will ever meet and by the look of her clothes, she was very stylish back in the day (I like to think I get my sense of style from her!). The items she gave me were a couple of blouses and a tea length polyester skirt. At first I had to think about how I was going to wear these clothes and not look like a librarian. I wanted to make them look current and stylish for today. Here are a few tips on how to make your vintage clothes or outfits current too!

First of all, don't try to cover them up. Vintage clothing can sometimes have crazy patterns. Show it off and embrace it, let the style or fabric do all the work. Would this blouse look good with a blazer?....Yes. But I liked how busy and fun the top looked all by itself.

Also, with busy patterns make sure you don't over-accessorize. I used some gold earrings and NO necklace. I also added a small gold clutch. I thought about using a gold belt, but opted for this blue one that I felt worked best with the blouse. Keep it simple.

Wear the clothing like you would if you just bought it from Forever 21. No need to try and wear it like they did back in the day, style it for today's fashions. I did the half-tucked look with my vintage cream blouse. I wore a simple necklace and a pair of boyfriend jeans to complete my outfit. I loved how the modern style jeans and classic blouse complimented each other.

For accessories, add a cute clutch to update the outfit. If your top is too plain, add a statement necklace. With the pleats in my top, I opted for a simple necklace and then added a nude clutch and some sunglasses. 

Now for my awesome polyester skirt. There are a few different ways I like to wear it, it's actually more versatile than you'd think! I can dress it up with heals and the cream blouse above or I can dress it down with more casual pieces. Today I want to show how to dress it down. Adding flats and a simple baseball tee are the perfect way to make this skirt easy to wear for any occasion.

My fedora hat matched perfectly so I added it as well. Since the style was pretty simple still, I wore a large blue bubble necklace that really added to the more current feel. It turned out great and would be a nice casual outfit for a party or family gathering. 

I loved wearing these vintage pieces in my outfits. Hopefully these tips made you feel more comfortable with the idea of wearing some of Grandma's old clothes or that groovy shirt from the 70's you spotted at the thrift store. Give it a try, you just may like it too! Thanks for letting me join you today and be sure to follow our blog for more fashion tips!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Pie Tin Photo Frame

Posted by Devin

Awhile back I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest to use pie tins as photo frames. I clicked on the link, but it was simply an inspiration picture in a European home magazine. No tutorial was given. Atleast... I don't think one was. It's kind of hard to tell when everything is written in German. But I still loved the idea, so I decided to set out to make my own! Here is my tutorial!

What You Need:
Old Fashioned Pie Tin (I found mine at Goodwill for $2.99)
Printed Photo (I printed mine in an 8x10" so that it would be the right size for my tin)
Spray Adhesive
Plate Hanger

Step 1 - Set your pie tin right side up on a scrap piece of paper (pay no attention to the scribbles all over my scrap paper) and use a pen or pencil to trace the center of the tin. Cut out the circle and place it inside the pie tin to make sure the size looks about right. You may need to trim the circle down a bit to get it just right.

Step 2 - Once your paper circle is the right size, place it on the front of your photo to line it up and determine where you would like to trim it. At this point you can simply trace around the circle on the front of the photo or turn the photo over to trace the circle on the back of the photo, lining it up as closely as possible to the area you wanted trimmed on the front. I chose to trace my circle on the back of the photo to prevent any unwanted pen lines from showing up. Cut out the traced area.

Step 3 - Spray the back of your cut out photo with spray adhesive. Lay it right side up in your pie tin and use a soft rag or paper towel to gently press the photo into place, making sure to iron out any wrinkles as you go.

Voila! You're done! A super cute, slightly quirky, and definitely out-of-the box way to display a favorite photo! I love the personality it adds to my Family Command Center in my kitchen!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Indoor Picnic with Tiny Prints Pillows

Posted by Devin

I realize in most parts of the world, summertime is the time of the year that it feels great to be outdoors: running and playing and enjoying the weather. But here in Arizona, summertime tends to be the time of the year that we are stuck indoors. Unless you are in the pool, it's usually just too darn hot to be outside! But whether it's winter snow or extreme summer heat keeping you indoors, it's always nice to try to find fun things to do with the kiddos in the house when you need to beat a bad case of cabin fever!

On top of the high temps, the boys and I have also been suffering from head colds for the past couple of weeks. We were desperately needing something fun to do in the house. It was time for an indoor picnic! 

Do you ever do this with your kiddos? We do it a lot during the summertime, but this time we decided to make it even more special with books and games and some fun decorations, in addition to our lunch. And the best decoration of all? Our new pillows from Tiny Prints

Did you know that Tiny Prints has now added pillows to their list of fantastic products? I designed these super cute pillows online just a few short weeks ago using my very own pictures of some of our family's most beloved places. The top pillow is made with a picture I took at our favorite creek near our family cabin and the bottom pillow is a shot I snapped of a cool old car we love in our neighborhood. What better way to bring the outdoors inside than with printed pillows?! Designing the pillows was really easy. Here are the photos I used to create mine:

Once I uploaded my images, I was able to edit them to make my pillows look just how I wanted and then personalize them with our family name. I am such a sucker for personalized stuff. It makes everything even better, right? I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out! Such a fun and personal touch to add to our indoor picnic and to my living room couch (which is where I plan on keeping them)!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Our indoor picnic was a welcome change and a fun activity for this house-bound family. And I'm excited to use these fun pillows for more picnics to come! I hope I gave you a little inspiration for an indoor picnic of your own!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mint & Polka Dots Swimsuit

Posted by Devin

I'm not going to lie, today's post is a bit scary for me. Or a lot scary. I have never done a fashion shoot for a swimsuit before and this was not on the top of my list of posts I wanted to do.  Do any of us really want to splash (no pun intended) pictures of ourselves in our swimsuits all over the place?! Unless you're a supermodel, I doubt it. But I am sharing some of my favorite ideas for Stylish Swimsuit Cover-Ups (which I am much more comfortable with) over at Brassy Apple today and I decided, what the heck, I'll go ahead and show you all my favorite swimsuit today as well. After all, this is me! A 33 year-old mom of four who doesn't feel the need to be anything other than what I am. I don't have a perfect body, but I feel good and for the most part, I like how I look. I try to stay relatively fit and healthy and that's enough for me. And maybe putting more average women showing their style on the internet is a good thing, right? Anyways, swimsuit model disclaimer over. Now on to my suit!

I purchased this suit from Alloy. They always have really cute swimsuit options for great prices. The top is a bit ruched along the mid-section and has a removable strap around the neck that I never take off. For some reason I noticed that none of the pictures on this post show the strap! Long hair problem, I guess. But I promise, it's there!


I absolutely love the polka dots on the top. Tara and I are both die-hard polka dot lovers, so you have seen plenty of polka dot pieces on here before and are probably going to see lots more to come. And the mint bottoms are too cute. I love everything in mint, so they were an obvious choice for me when picking my suit. Mint and polka dots. A match made in heaven!

One of my very favorite cover-ups is my gray, fold over jersey skirt from Old Navy. It's super comfortable and easy to slip on, not to mention it's so cozy and soft! For other great swimsuit cover-up ideas, make sure to check out my post over at Brassy Apple today!

Thanks so much for stopping by! And for bearing with me through a slightly frightening post for me. ;)
What I Wore:
Swimsuit - Alloy
Jersey Skirt - Old Navy
Fedora - Target
Sunglasses - Charming Charlie
Gold Bangles - Charming Charlie

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

DIY Key Wall Art

Posted by Tara

The other day I was digging around in my junk drawer (yes, I have one) and came across a few keys that have no purpose any more here in our home. They are old keys, either from our old home or mail box or from our parent's past homes. I recently saw a few wall art ideas, but they all used antique keys. These certainly aren't as old as those, but I figured they could be used in the same way!
Here is what you'll need to make your own Key Wall Art:
A quote of your choice. I liked having a quote that had to do with the word "Key"
6 Keys
Any color paint. I chose gold (very versatile)
Paint Brush 
Card stock to print quote on
Elmer's Craft Glue (not pictured)

I first found a quote from Mother Teresa that I thought would look cute with my project. Search google or pinterest and find one that speaks to you! Maybe use "Hard work is the Key to Success" and put it in your office. Then get started painting your keys. You can spray paint them or use craft paint or even nail polish! I was about to use my mint nail polish but opted for the gold craft paint. I love how it turned out!

It took a few coats, probably about 3, before I felt like it was coated well. Let the keys dry before arranging them on card stock. I measured my paper and tried lining them up. So no tips on that, just eye it until it looks good. 

Next, use your craft glue to glue the keys in place. Let the glue dry and then insert into your frame. It turned out so good and has a very classic look. Even though my keys aren't antique, I feel like the gold paint gave them a similar look. 

You can hang it or place it on a desk or table top next to some cute antique books. I'm super excited to get this hung up with some other fun pictures on my gallery wall! Be on the look out for that post in a couple weeks! There will be some great Gallery Wall Inspiration that you will want to check out!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY Family Command Center

Posted by Devin

For the last 8 years, our family command center had consisted of a large bulletin board covered in Christmas cards next to a white board of the same size that was usually covered in various magnets. It was not super functional the way I was using it and I was getting tired of the cluttered feeling it brought to my kitchen. It was time for a change. After quite a long time of collecting items here and there, this is what I came up with!

I love the functionality and the fun gallery wall feeling to my new command center. This is so much nicer to look at day in and day out verses the crazy jumble of items I had on my wall before. And when you're a stay at home mom who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you want something to look at that's pretty and makes you feel happy inside. Here is the breakdown of each of the items on my wall!

Cabinet Door Chalkboard - If you are wanting an easy way to add a chalkboard to your home, this works great! I will be posting a simple tutorial for how to make your own in a few weeks! (It's pretty self explanatory, but thought I'd share anyways.) I am really excited about the chalkboard and plan on using it to write out our family's weekly schedule for everyone to see. When I took pictures our plan for the week was a cabin trip! Wish every week was like that. ;)

Rustic Magnet Board - I will be including the tutorial for this cute little magnet board on the cabinet chalkboard post in a few weeks. Again, it's pretty simple, but maybe something you wouldn't normally think to do. I am loving the rough old metal I used for this board, it gives it such a fun look! 

Pie Tin Photo Frame - Another fun project that I will also be posting a tutorial for. You guys are going to have to stay tuned for all of the deets on this stuff! Super happy with how this little project turned out. I really wanted to add a picture to my command center and I think this hit the nail on the head for what I was going for: something a little nontraditional and quirky. Love it!

Feather Art - Ok, no tutorial for this one. I know you're so disappointed, lol! This little piece is inspired by the beautiful work of the very talented Angie at Yellow Bungalow Shop. Her watercolor prints are AMAZING. So lovely and inspiring, you must check out her shop! I have always loved her "live brave" prints with feathers and decided to make my own with real feathers that Connor has been collecting from our chickens. It's not as pretty as Angie's work, but I love that it adds a personal touch to our wall.

String Art - I made this cute little arrow sign at a craft night put on by Chrissy of Let Me See You Sparkle. I loved it from the minute I brought it home, but never knew where to display it until the wall started coming together. I think it works great here!

The other three items on my wall are pretty self explanatory. The small organizer where I store all of my paper clips and box tops and rubber bands comes from Bed Bath & Beyond. It's super handy and I love having it in such a convenient spot. The "G" is from Hobby Lobby. We all love Hobby Lobby, right? If you are ever looking for a monogram letter for your home decor, Hobby Lobby is a fantastic place to start. And the adorable little clock and chicken wire wall file are from Pick Your Plum. If you are not familiar with Pick Your Plum you are missing out! I LOVE their daily deals they send to my email. They always have the cutest stuff and I can't help but make a purchase every now and then. Actually, Pick Your Plum is a bit dangerous really. The stuff is so stinkin' cute and the prices are so good that everything is hard to pass up! You have been warned.

I hope you like my new command center! I know I am really happy with the change. We gotta mix things up once in awhile, right? Don't forget to come back for my Cabinet Chalkboard and Magnet Board tutorials as well as the how-to on the Pie Tin Photo Frame! Thanks for visiting, everyone!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Tulle Skirt

Posted by Tara

After my recent purchase from Piper Street Shop, I decided every girl needs a tulle skirt! As soon as I slipped it on, I seriously felt like a princess! My daughter Neela couldn't stop complimenting me on how pretty I was like a princess. Haha!

I love the cream color and how versatile this dress is! I actually tried a different blouse with it as well and loved both looks. What do you think?

I have this crazed love for chambray, so I went with this. I paired it with my turquoise pendant from Charming Charlies and tan belt and wedges. 

I was really nervous that this skirt was going to be super see through, but boy was I wrong. I wore my thinnest slip underneath and it looked great! 

Don't mind the rain drops on my shirt and the wind whipping my hair, I decided to do this shoot as a monsoon storm was hitting (my husband didn't think it was great timing). But it made for some great lighting.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new love... a tulle skirt! You will probably be seeing a lot of posts with this beauty!

What I Wore:
Top: H & M
Necklace: Charming Charlies
Belt: Target
Wedges: Target

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