Monday, March 30, 2015

Hand Painted Garden Stones

Posted by Tara

A couple of months ago Devin and I decided to make some markers for our gardens. We headed straight to our local river bottom for supplies, ha! There is actually a river that runs between our houses. Anyways, we picked out as many flat rocks as we could. Devin painted hers in a very different style than mine and I love the different looks we both came up with! She posted hers on West Valley Moms Blog and you can find her post here

I really wanted my rocks to have more of an artsy look. I first wrote down all the plants I had planted in my garden. Then I wrote down what colors of paint that would be needed per plant. I had most of the colors already in my home and only needed to pick up the orange color for the cantaloupe.

For the lettering I watered down my black paint and used a fine paint brush. I wanted it to look like water-painted lettering and I love how it turned out!

To give the vegetables a more artistic look, I added highlights to them. I did this by taking some of my color and adding white to it until it was a few shades lighter. I then used that lighter color to accent the right side of the vegetable.
I actually really enjoyed making these! It was extremely low in cost to make and I plan on gifting a set to my neighbor for her garden! This would be a great project for the kids to do as well. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I helped give you some ideas for your next garden project!

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